Monday, October 11, 2010

Time-My newest enemy

Beginning a new business is a lot more work than I expected. Every free moment has been dedicated to perfecting a video for a client, finishing our website, or designing our business cards. Although we still find time to have fun (on rare occasions it seems these days), this blog hangs over my head every time that I find something fun and free to do in Sacramento. Just a couple of weeks ago, I went to an amazing free jazz concert sponsored by a public library with my sister and her adorable son. The week after that, I attended an all-class reunion at my old high school with my mother, who is also graduated from the same school. I gather pictures and take video in the hopes of sharing them on my blog. Alas, there are far too few minutes in the day to make this blog what I dream that it could be.

For now, then, I am taking a break from the blogging world. I may revisit again when the new year begins.

Enjoy the holidays. Halloween is by far my favorite of them all. I'm already thinking of all of the wonderful free costume possibilities....

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